Monday, July 4, 2011

Soar With Eagles and Be One

“Don't be like a parrot; be like an eagle. A parrot speaks but can't fly high, whereas an eagle is silent and has the willpower to touch the sky”!

Eagles are the people of wisdom, the people who soar. I like to call certain people "Eagles" because they set the bar and the mark for others to aspire and follow. Find the eagles and ask them to help, coach, mentor and share their knowledge. True knowledge becomes wisdom when it is shared and then shared again. Eagles share their wisdom. If you want to be an eagle you have to hang with the eagles. Eagle school runs 7 days a week and 365 days in a year. It's not really school but something that has been earned through life learning and excellence in everything they do.

When you ask for an eagles help they will always be open and spend time with you. If they won't they are not true eagles, because eagles get what giving is all about and helping others to take flight and eventually soar is their true goal. They want others to succeed and that gives them the wind beneath their wings. When Eagles are pestered by crows they just fly higher to where the crows can't fly. When a storm is heading in an eagles direction they head straight into it and catch the draft to soar even higher.

Eagles understand that asking good questions and listening is a true gift to others. Like the parrot in the quote above, don't just spend your time talking or squawking. A great question and silence or listening is one of the greatest gifts of all. This is what all eagles know. Asking good questions and listening shows interest. This interest shows you care. The eagles will always find out what is important to you, because that is the attitude of gratitude and why eagles are eagles. Gratitude is just their way of travelling or "soaring”!

(Inspiration from Tim Cork)