Friday, November 13, 2009

What is the Carbon Footprint All About?

Sustainable development, carbon footprint, global warming, cap and trade, Kyoto, green this, green that. Who hasn’t seen, read and heard article after news report after blog, talking about how we are wrecking the environment and that things need to change. Is it really that big a deal?
Well, let’s think about what has been happening;

  • Glaciers and polar ice caps have been retreating at an alarming rate and scientists are predicting that the arctic ice cap will melt by 2020 (if not earlier)
  • Sea levels have risen between 4 and 10 inches since 1990 as a result of the melting polar ice caps
  • We’re seeing Increasingly violent storms. 35 years ago, 1 in 6 tropical storms were considered to be major storms, in recent years, 1 in 3 are major storms.
  • Increasing floods and droughts
  • Scientists are constantly reporting on impact on wildlife due to global warming from polar bear problems in northern communities to changing bird migration patterns.
  • Scientists are now (mostly) in agreement that global warming is happening and that there is a significant need to do something now.

People and governments are starting to listen. Many governments are setting targets for greenhouse gas reductions. People are looking for information to help them make better decisions when buying. Want to know More.....