Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Price are Down!

Titanium demand collapse will depress prices through 2010
TITANIUM demand has collapsed this year and the market price for benchmark aerospace ingot is almost 70% off its peak and probably at its cyclical bottom. And, according to news reports from the International Titanium Association's recent annual conference, there's little indication of a major upturn in purchasing or pricing anytime soon.
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Molybdenum prices are sliding backwards
Spot prices dip due to uncertain demand trend from steelmakers
Although U.S. steelmaking is close to 60% of capacity, market prices for molybdenum, a key alloying smelting metal, has slipped to an average $14.55/lb this month (from $16.18 in July) and could be selling by a dollar or more cheaper next month. Read more......

Aluminum prices are being depressed by excess supply

World aluminum prices have slipped to an average 83¢/lb this month, bringing the annual average down to 70¢ (from $1.17 in 2008) as demand remains soft and global stocks are at record highs of 5.8 million metric tons

Ferrovanadium prices are slipping

The alloying metal was selling as low as $7.40/lb in April because of a serious overhang of inventory and collapsed demand from specialty steelmakers. Prices inched back up from May to August in line with reduced stockpiles caused by expanded exports and slow and gradual improvement in purchases by the domestic steel companies. Read more......