Sunday, May 24, 2009

China No Longer Worth it?

Who says? AMR Research’s newest quarterly report suggests companies seeking to build or enhance outsourcing operations may to be dropping out of China, citing high risk that is no longer worth the reward.
According to the survey, manufacturers are 2-3 times more likely to decrease sourcing in China. The survey found China contributes the most risk in 12 out of 15 categories. At the top of the list is Intellectual Property(IP) infringement, with 59 percent of respondents complaining that China poses the highest risk in the world for outsourcing. 55 percent of respondents saying China poses the most risk worldwide for product quality.
Now that oil is no longer selling at $150 a barrel, manufacturers are going back to what they used to worry about. “Supplier failure is an inherent problem in all supply chains,” she said.

Do you believe this or not? I have always believed this and predict that manufacturing jobs will return to NA.